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For the Love of Layla by Callie Moss – Free eBooks Download


For the Love of Layla is a dark psychological stalker romance…

Her – How do you cope when you find out the person you entrusted your heart to is a monster? A wolf in sheep’s clothing. I did what I thought was the right, logical thing…I ran. Little did I know nothing was ever going to be that easy and he had no intention of letting me go.

Him – The day she left she took a piece of me, hell she took everything I ever was and ever dreamt of being. I’ve always been a little…different. Inflicted with a chronic need to fixate on things. Who better to fixate on than the woman who stole my heart the moment she quite literally stumbled into my life. I can’t let her go and I will get her back by any means necessary. Even if that means destroying us both in the process. She’s mine. Only mine. My little love seems to have forgotten that, it’s going to be fun reminding her.

For the Love of Layla is a standalone dark psychological stalker romance with a supplemental epilogue, where you can choose to continue the story or end it. There will be many instances in this book that could be upsetting to some readers. This story is not meant for the light hearted. It won’t have a picture perfect ending with a pretty bow and a happily ever after scribbled at the bottom of a page, not right away. How the story ends is up to the reader, if you take my ending or the supplemental one is entirely up to you. This story is meant for those who aren’t afraid to love passionately, grieve and shed a few tears. With great love comes great pain.

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