Love Like Gilded Bones by Cyran Faringray (ePUB)

love like bones, cyran faringray

Love Like Gilded Bones (A Toll Of Flesh #1) by Cyran Faringray – Free eBooks Download


River Anderson finally snapped. Now she’s on the run, the stench of copper clinging to her fingers like the phantom smell of sin. When her car breaks down on a deserted forest road in the middle of the night, search for help leads her to an abandoned, decrepit estate—and what should have been a deadly accident.

Instead of death, however, River gets a second chance at life. A fresh start in another realm, one like those she’s always dreamed of, seeking escapism from reality in fantasy books and horror video games. Yet a world of thrilling magic and terrifying creatures isn’t the sole adventure awaiting her. The greatest enigma is her mysterious host: A veiled, charming gentleman, offering her shelter and respite in his luxurious mansion. But River isn’t the only one with a dark secret and debased urges. While she finds herself irresistibly attracted to this kind stranger, she realizes he might just be the most dangerous monster of all.

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