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fixing their heart, mira stanley

Fixing Their Heart (Men of Eagle Peak #2) by Mira Stanley – Free eBooks Download


It’s a new world with new rules, but that won’t stop the only surviving female from making some rules of her own.

It’s a new world, and there are new rules. Like the superpowers all survivors of The Virus are Gifted with. Like how a single man serves as Judge, jury, and executioner, doling out capital punishment with barely a blink. Like how one woman can be shared by seven men.
The Men of Eagle Peak have created a settlement, and their goal is to pioneer this new world. Cora needs them for survival and protection, and they need her because she’s the only living female as far as any of them know. The human race will die out unless Cora becomes a mother.
But Cora isn’t ready to be a mother. And she’s not interested in a new world where women are defined by what their bodies can provide for a man. She is determined to carve out her own role at Eagle Peak, even if she has to stand up to seven convicted felons to do it.
Warning: A woman with an abusive past finds her happy-ever-after with seven obsessed, over-the-top alpha males in a post-apocalyptic world. If you’re looking for a reverse harem story bursting with eroticism against a backdrop just bleak enough to keep the tension going, this story is for you.

Triggers: Past sexual assault, daddy-talk, copious use of pet names.

This full-length novel is book 2 in a 4-book series and has a happy-for-now ending.

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