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first impressions of you, gabriela graciosa guedes

First Impressions of You by Gabriela Graciosa Guedes – Free eBooks Download


It is a truth universally acknowledged that an immigrant woman, in possession of no green card, must be in want of a husband.

Luiza Bento will do anything in her power to stay in the United States, except follow what everyone seems to consider the best strategy: a marriage of convenience for the green card.
She’s determined to find a job that will get her to stay, but finding an acting job as a plus-size Latina is hard enough. One that will sponsor her visa? Almost impossible.
After months of working at a theme park, an opportunity to audition for their theater department finally comes around. The only problem? She’s starring opposite Winter Davis, a high-and-mighty snob, who seems to think his past as a child star makes him better than everyone.

How can they play long-lost friends madly in love if their first impressions of each other were anything but friendly?

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