Finding Family by Susan Warner (ePUB)

finding family, susan warner

Finding Family (Hidden Treasures #3) by Susan Warner – Free eBooks Download


A treasure worth having is worth believing in

Margo Wilson understands two things really well: planning and timing.
After looking carefully at the statistics, her family tree, and the town she lived in,
Margo knew one thing for certain. She was in the last six months of her two-year
window of optimal breeding. None of her close friends would understand or approve,
but she has to get pregnant in the next six months if kids are going to be in her future.
She needs to find a good donor, write a great contract, and voila, instant Mommy.

Roman Gray should have been a happy man. After being erroneously incarcerated
for a year, the real culprits were found and brought to justice. Unfortunately,
that year in prison was plenty of time to destroy his life, connections, and to lose his fiancée.
Now he wanders around doing odd jobs and going wherever they take him. Disillusioned
and bitter with life, he believes he’s seen it all, and it’s all bad. Then he meets Margo Wilson,
who proposes a deal that seems too good to be true. If he signs on the dotted line,
he could set himself up and get his old life back. Margo and Roman are both realists,
but they’ll discover that love doesn’t care about contracts. Love cares about the hearts within.

Can Roman soften his jaded perspective on life to find the joy of Margo’s heart?
Can Margo soften her plans to see the potential in Roman’s love?

Come find out if these two can find the magic in love’s future!

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