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filthy score, kenna king

Filthy Score (The Hawkeyes Hockey #2) by Kenna King – Free eBooks Download


What happens when the star Left-Wing of the hockey team you work for ruins your trip to Cabo… on purpose? You end up on the plane ride from hell headed to his snowy hometown to ensure he completes a charity event to clean up his image.
He’s my mortal enemy and one of the hottest NHL players in the league, but I have no interest in hockey players… well, not anymore. And Lake Powers is no exception.
But when Murphy’s law takes hold of my doomed work trip, Lake and I end up under the same roof. He offers up a bet that he can exceed the expected charity event numbers and I jump the gun and agree before hearing his indecent wager.
Now I’m locked into his terms and he’s hedging his stake on one thing he knows about me… I never back down from a bet.
So, when things start heating up, I’m not surprised that he does what all Hockey players do, screw it all up.
I’m now convinced. Lake… is a no-wake zone.

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