Fiery Romance by Nia Arthurs (ePUB)

fiery romance, nia arthurs

Fiery Romance (Billionaire Dads; Single Dads #7) by Nia Arthurs – Free eBooks Download


Billionaire. Ex-military. World’s grumpiest single dad.

Clay Bolton is the gruff, rough around the edges soldier who is out for blood.
Broad-shouldered. Short tempered. Drop dead gorgeous.
If it wasn’t for his cute daughter, he would see the full breadth of my wrath.

I despise the very air he breathes.
So why does my body flood with heat with one glance from him?
And why do I melt when I see him acting all sweet with his two adorable kids?

I want to believe his tough exterior is just a façade.
Especially when he takes care of me like his own happiness depends on it.
But are his actions to secure his investment or is he really looking out for me?

The more time we spend together, the harder it is to deny this electricity between us.
And with his kids in the crosshairs, there’s no room for mistakes.
Can our irresistible connection survive when the past comes back to haunt us? Or will this forbidden romance go up in fiery smoke?

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