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Femme Fatale Finale (Pericolo #4) by Kirsty-Anne Still – Free eBooks Download


Once Amelia Abbiati, always Amelia Abbiati.

It’s what makes this situation ironic. They’ve taken me from my idyllic life, threatened it, and think I’ll just roll over and die.
They don’t know me.

I’ll make it hard for them. I won’t go down without a fight. I won’t lose who I am at their will. I’ll smile until the end because I’ll only die on my say so and not theirs.


They’ve touched what’s mine. And think they’ll get away with it.

I’m a dangerous man now they’ve touched the most precious things in my life. They think they’ve dealt with Abbiaiti Anarchy, but they don’t know what’s coming for them.

This is war.

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