Falling for the Billionaire by Shaw Hart (ePUB)

falling for billionaire, shaw hart

Falling for the Billionaire by Shaw Hart – Free eBooks Download


Take a trip, they said. It will be fun, they said.
Yeah. Right.
My relaxing trip to Italy was supposed to be just that. A chance for me to drink some wine, eat copious amounts of pasta, see some sights, and recharge my batteries. So how did I wind up here, on this boat, in the middle of the sea, with the hottest guy that I’ve ever seen in real life?
Well, that’s a long story…

Not So Accidental Baby Daddy:
Luca Golding knows what he wants. His head of public affairs, Nora Smith. For three years, he’s waited for her to come to the same conclusion. When he overhears her talking on the phone about quitting, he knows he needs to do something before she can get away.
An argument leads to the hottest sex of his life and then… nothing. She calls in sick, dodges his calls, and just generally avoids him. When the security he has on her informs him of a particular drugstore purchase she just made, he thinks all of his dreams are about to come true.
He should know that nothing about Nora Smith comes that easily.

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