Falling for the Roommate by S.E. Rose (ePUB)

falling roommate, se rose

Falling for the Roommate (Clearview Falls University #2) by S.E. Rose, Sierra Hill – Free eBooks Download


This football player will be taking the field…along with his new roommate’s heart.
When my college besties both ditch me for other living arrangements, I have no other choice but to accept an offer to share a room with Killian “Killer” Palmer.
Sharing an attic space with the junior tight end for the Clearview Falls University football team is far from the ideal situation.
We are opposites in every way possible. I’m a city girl and computer programmer with a penchant for cleaning. He’s an outgoing farm boy who couldn’t keep his room clean if his life depended on it.
The more time we spend together, though, I begin to see Killian in a new light. He’s charming, easy-going, and unfailingly trustworthy. One night in a drunken babble, I accidentally share a secret with him I’ve never revealed to anyone else: I still have my V-card.
I’m not sure what’s more surprising; the offer he makes to help rid me of that problem or the fact I actually want to take him up on his offer.
The one big issue with sleeping with my roommate is that the lines soon become blurry and before I know it, I’m falling for him.
Killian has scored at more than just gaining my trust. He’s begun to win over my heart, something I never thought possible. But will a relationship with my roommate be the right end goal for us? Or will it only end our friendship?

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