Falling For The Enigmatic Physician by Aria Norton (ePUB)

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Falling For The Enigmatic Physician by Aria Norton – Free eBooks Download


Lady Margareta Barrington is to be married to Lord Radcliffe, not only a man she does not love, but whose reputation of being a rake precedes him. However, her father will not even consider her concerns. Fortunately, a young and handsome doctor, Neil Jennings, arrives from London, determined to make a new start in the town of Truro after having his heart broken. On each occasion they meet, Margot recognises their similar values, for he also supports equal opportunities for the poor and the wealthy, and finds herself unable to resist spending time with him and contributing to his cause.

What she could not have realised at the time, was how easily she would fall in love with him…

Neil has made the decision to not allow anyone from the upper class to steal his heart again, and yet, it appears that the heart defies the mind as he gets closer to Margot. Desperate to save her from a cruel and loveless marriage, both he and Margot try to prove to her father that Lord Radcliffe is the wrong man for his daughter.
With many hurdles in his path, but his love illuminating the way, Doctor Neil Jennings has a difficult journey ahead…

Even through class division, true love reigns eternal, for one cannot choose who one falls in love with. However, will Margot and Neil ever manage to defeat Lord Radcliffe’s scheme that stands in their way? Try as they might, they cannot seem to find a way out, despite their strong affection. Will they be forced to live in the misery of knowing they can never be together? Or will Margot’s father finally see the truth and allow them to follow their hearts?

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