Falling for a Fiery Lady by Meghan Sloan (ePUB)

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Falling for a Fiery Lady by Meghan Sloan – Free eBooks Download


Isabel Moore has never been a conventional lady. Instead of dreaming of passionate love, she scavenges for bugs and helps animals. Absorbed in her own world, she has never noticed her friend, Richard, gazing at her with lustful eyes. Though he secretly wishes to have Isabel as his wife, the prospect of marriage has never been on the horizon for her. However, her life will turn upside down when her mother announces that if she does not find a husband within one season, she will go into service.

Will Isabel be able to master the art of erotic seduction and capture the attention of a wicked Duke?

Isabel held a special place in Richard Sidney’s heart since they were teenagers. Despite his strong desire for her fiery, yet strange personality, he has never voiced those feelings. When her season starts, he cannot help but notice how much she has changed. As Richard watches the girl who set his heart on fire becoming engaged to a Duke who is clearly not her match, he begins to fear…

Will he find the courage to reveal his burning passion and convince Isabel to reconsider her decision?
After so many years of friendship, Richard and Isabel will realise they do not know each other as well as they thought. Therefore, their undeniable lust for each other could easily destroy their lives… Will Richard prove himself capable of conquering her fierce heart? Or will Isabel turn her back on Richard’s tempting charm and opt for a marriage of convenience?

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