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finding my name, estelle grant

Finding My Name (Chosen Name #1) by Estelle Grant – Free eBooks Download


After all this time, I’m back in the place I hate most: Alliance, Michigan. Six years away and now my birth parents pull me back from the grave. They’ve died and left their house in my name. What the fuck am I supposed to do, forgive them? I can’t move on that easily. Alliance is the same, but I’ve changed. I’ve spent six years becoming the woman I’m meant to be, but no one recognizes me when I arrive. I’m the “new” girl.
Then I see my childhood best friend Oliver for the first time since I left. I’m in trouble because now he’s flirting with me, and I don’t want it to stop.

Life hasn’t been the same since my best friend was torn away from me. We had plans to run away together, but now those plans are gone. My life just consists of getting by and clinging to the dreams I held as a kid. I want to see the world, but something is holding me back. Then the new girl in town walks up to our bonfire, and I’m quickly reminded of my best friend. I’m mesmerized by her existence.

She’s only here for the summer, but maybe that’s enough time to figure her out.

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