Encore with the CEO by Lena Cove (ePUB)

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Encore with the CEO (St. James Family #2) by Lena Cove – Free eBooks Download


I was once head over heels in love and then I ran away.
We were teenagers and maybe it wouldn’t have lasted, but I’ve never felt that way again.
I’ve avoided returning to my hometown since I left, but now my job is taking me back to Star Mountain.
What will happen when I see the one man I can’t forget?
Will he still make my heart pound, or will he have found another woman to love after all this time?

I once thought I would be married with children by now.
But that all changed when Scarlett disappeared and now, I’m a thirty-four-year-old confirmed bachelor.
Then I see her again and it feels like my heart is alive again.
I don’t know why she left all those years ago, but I’m determined to find out and to tell her that I’ve never loved anyone else.
I want a second chance with my first and only love.

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