Ella’s Dominion by Christine Priestly (ePUB)

ella's dominion, christine priestly

Ella’s Dominion (The Lost Warriors #1) by Christine Priestly – Free eBooks Download


Forbidden magic. Dark desires. A life not her own.

‘Burning. Ella felt the word open and swallow her. It was what they did to witches, to heretics. Cleansed them. Burned them alive.’

Born into a world that hates and fears what she is, Princess Ella of Erldan’s life has never been her own. A mere pawn in her family’s political machinations, she’s forced to hide her magic at the risk of enslavement—or worse. Against a backdrop of political intrigue and heresy, Ella finds herself torn between two brothers—lust for one and love for the other—and must confront the unintended consequences of using her powers to navigate the dangerous world she inhabits, lest she burn for it.

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