Trapped By Claws by Jessica M. Butler (ePUB)

trapped claws, jessica m butler

Trapped By Claws (Of Seas and Tides) by Jessica M. Butler – Free eBooks Download


A cursed shifter. A desperate human. The bargain that steals her freedom and dooms his life.

Going unnoticed is one of Mena’s best skills but when she rescues an otter in the forbidden North Sea, she catches the eye of the one fae who can’t look away from her. It’s clear the rakish Corvin likes to flirt and play games. So when he teases his intention to carry her off, Mena can’t be sure it’s merely a taunt. After all, she’s just a spinster stew cook.
But after her ship strays across the King of the North Sea’s magical boundary, Corvin is revealed as an enforcer, required to patrol fae water and destroy all who cross. Fae law has no mercy, and neither does he.
The ship must be destroyed. Mena and Corvin strike a bargain: Everyone aboard will be spared, but only if she becomes his.
Mena’s sacrifice ensures the crew’s survival and her mother’s safety, but now she’s trapped at the bottom of the sea, in a cold cave strewn with the remnants of other wrecks with no chance of escape.
Mena’s handsome captor is not exactly who he seems. Corvin is trapped by his own bargain, owned by the King of the North Sea. If they are found, they’ll face swift, torturous execution. Because by the king’s command, shifter fae cannot have mates, and they’re forbidden to save humans. But now that Corvin has found his fated mate against all odds, he can’t let her go. Even if it costs him everything.

Of Seas and Tides is a multi-author series of romantic fantasy novellas designed to be read independently. Each standalone features a villain who gets their happily ever after in a swoony, swashbuckling romance.

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