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eagle, marteeka karland

Eagle (Iron Tzars MC #7) by Marteeka Karland – Free eBooks Download


Nyla — Held captive by a monster, I’ve been forced to service my owner’s colleagues while I spied for him. Being really good at my job got me some perks, and Milo treated me better than some — until the day he caught me in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then my nightmares really began. First chance I get, I run. Straight into the big biker they call Eagle. I don’t want to, but I’m falling hard. He swears he’ll protect me with his life, and that’s just what I’m afraid of. No one runs from Milo… and lives.

Eagle — I have issues. The kind that make me a good person to avoid. Even the club whores stay away from me. My brothers keep a close eye on me, and they shield innocent people from me as much as they can — until a slip of a woman comes crashing into my life. Beaten and broken, scared out of her mind, she calls to me, soothes the savage beast. She makes me want to believe in love. But when Milo comes after Nyla and threatens my club, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. And I’ll claim her, even if she can never accept my darker side.

WARNING: Graphic violence, adult situations, and references to human trafficking and domestic abuse that may be triggers for some readers. Features a protective hero and a determined heroine. Eventual happy ending and NO cheating, as always.

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