Double Promises by R. E. Butler (ePUB)

double promises, re butler

Double Promises (Cider Falls Shifters #3) by R. E. Butler – Free eBooks Download


Purebred lion twins Archer and Gunner have been running the Cider Falls Garage for three years, since they were exiled from their pride for wanting to share a mate. They can’t wait to find their truemate and start the next chapter of their lives. They just hope she won’t mind being loved by two possessive, protective lions.
Cougar-tiger hybrid Willow Ezarra has been on the run since she was sixteen and shifted into a tiger with odd coloring, sending her purebred-only cougar pride into a rage. It’s not her fault that her mother had a tryst with a tiger and hid it from everyone—even her!—or that her pride tried to kill her on sight. She’s so tired of running, of hiding. When she hears about a town where hybrids are welcome, she doesn’t believe it until she steps foot in Cider Falls and discovers the truth for herself.
What she finds in Cider Falls is not only a place to finally call home, but a place where she finds love with twin lions. The only problem? Her pride turned her in to the Federal Shifter Alliance seven years ago and she’s on their most-wanted list. Can the Cider Falls alpha and her mates keep her safe or will she lose her new home and her freedom?

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