The Strip Down by Honey Phillips (ePUB)

strip down, honey phillips

The Strip Down (Exposed to the Elements #5) by Honey Phillips – Free eBooks Download


Can Amanda discover the secrets behind an alien ruin? And the mysterious alien with the haunted eyes?

Amanda is happy with her life as an elementary school teacher – and making plans to expand her family. Waking up naked and alone on an alien planet is not on her schedule.
Desperate to return to Earth, she reluctantly accepts the help of the massive alien who appears out of the sands. But the more time they spend together, the more complicated her need to return becomes.
Va’rik awakens to find himself alone on the edge of an ancient desert. He is quite sure he has an important task to perform – the only problem is that he can’t quite remember what he needs to accomplish.
When he encounters a strange, beautiful female, assisting her becomes his mission. But as his memories start to return, he realizes that helping her leave is the last thing he truly wants.
Can Va’rik keep his vow to Amanda, even if it means the future of his race – and his own happiness – are in jeopardy?

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