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Double Cross (Hard Target #1) by Silver James – Free eBooks Download



Duke Reagan’s mission went to hell. His SEAL teammates dead, abandoned by Command in the middle of an African warlord’s territory, he’s wounded, blind, and on the run with a terrified American, Coreen Prince, a doctor who is supposed to be collateral damage. Somehow, they survive, but not before they lose a bit of their hearts to each other.
Dr. Coreen Prince struggles to put her life back together after her African ordeal, but a slight detour one night in Key West offers her the chance to apologize to the man who saved her at such great cost to himself. Too bad Duke doesn’t recognize her.
It took a year to restore Duke’s vision, and the return of his sight comes with the opportunity to join the Hard Target team, a not-quite white hat organization doing what government coalitions can’t. His first mission as the team’s sniper puts a drug cartel boss in his sights, but a familiar face that’s haunted Duke since Africa crowds the scope.
On special assignment in South America, Cory once again finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. But rescue comes from the last man she expects to see, the one man she can’t forget. Will they get a second chance at love or will he just see her as another double cross…

The HARD TARGET Team: Judge, jury, executioner. The multinational Hard Target special operators hunt the worst of the worst, and each brings their own brand of special to the mix. Genetically enhanced Navy SEALs. Wolf shifters from the SAS and Irish Marines. An Israeli Oketz officer. And a team of former USAF pilots and pararescue jumpers whose humanity doesn’t keep them from the fight. All corralled by Mother Goose, who commands the undercover group with steel-toed combat boots and cold beer.

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