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Dirty, Rich Monsters (The New Mafia Lords) by Nevah Stone – Free eBooks Download


We watched, we learned, we destroyed to rise to the top. When someone wants to take it all away, we fight back with a vengeance. We’re not our fathers’ sons—we’re the new Mafia Lords. We have no boundaries, no conscience.

Reaper, Ghost, Venom
Our family never forgets or forgives, and the Conti family will pay the ultimate price. They stole from us and left a wake of destruction and death in their path. No one takes from our family without paying a price. Now we’ll take from theirs.
Their little sister, Mia is a delicate flower amongst the thorns, with incomparable beauty. She’s set to marry, joining two powerful families.
We can’t let that happen.
But we didn’t realize even a beautiful flower has thorns. It didn’t take us long to figure it out. That’s okay, we’ll break her.
Mia Conti
I was born into a world of cruelty and abuse. I learned to fight back with a vengeance.
The Barone’s are as brutal as they are gorgeous, and they want retribution for what my father and brothers did. Fine, I don’t care. Maybe I want my own revenge. My family arranged for me to marry a man just as disgusting as they are.
But now these three men think they can control me, break me—I won’t let them.
Passion intertwines with danger as forbidden connections form within the dark heart of a mafia empire.

18+ only. This novel contains scenes that might offend sensitive readers. Please read responsibly.

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