Did I Lie? by Astra Capone (ePUB)

did i lie, astra capone

Did I Lie? (Fool Me Once #1) by Astra Capone – Free eBooks Download


A genre-blended, page-turning spicy women’s fiction/rom-com crossover with a touch of magical realism. Think foul-mouthed American girl meets a well-mannered British boy via a mismatch made in heaven. There are some heart-warming (and heart-wrenching) parts in between.

Clara Presley doesn’t need anyone. She has a lucrative career, a dream apartment with outrageous HOAs, and the whole city of Philadelphia to keep her company—until she meets John Carrington. He’s the famed British program host who drives women wild; he also has some wild secrets. Clara runs from him after a one-night stand in Las Vegas, only to remember she has to see him again for an interview six months later. With her commitment phobia in high gear, she continues running…right into the arms of the man she’s running from.
After they globetrot through Mexico, England, and Ireland, Clara discovers, that maybe, she does need someone after all. But after uncovering a few secrets that redefine her world viewpoint, she changes her mind yet again. Her final choice is between known behaviors alone and an unknown future with the man she loves.

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