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Diablo (Alpha Riders MC #9) by Audrey Bell – Free eBooks Download


When enemies from separate clubs become lovers, will the Prospect’s loyalty be called into question?

My first impression of Stevie Malone was lethal in the best way possible. She’s feisty with a sarcastic streak a mile wide, tits for days, grabbable hips, and a wicked sharp tongue. I wouldn’t mind getting her into bed for a wild night or two of fun.
Until I saw the kut she wore and my fantasies came to a screeching halt. The Desert Howlers tried to kill me a year ago and nearly succeeded, putting me in the hospital as a warning to my club.
To make matters worse, Stevie isn’t associated with the Howlers as an old lady to one of the members. She’s the Vice President. Getting involved with her would put my membership with the Alpha Riders at risk.
But I’ve never been known for playing it smart. And Stevie is a bad decision just waiting to blow up in my face.

The explosive attraction I feel for Diablo is undeniable. Even though I know better than to get involved with a loud-mouthed asshole like him, we end up tangled in the sheets together anyway for some hot and heavy action.
Crossing that line has consequences though. Diablo’s club declares it’s the last straw in a long string of second chances. He’s out. Membership denied. And it sends him spiraling, right into the hands of some bad company that could get him into a lot of trouble.
I’ve worked hard to climb the ranks of my club and earn the respect of my men. As a woman, it wasn’t easy to achieve the position I’m in. But I can’t stand by while Diablo destroys his life, even if this thing between us was supposed to be strictly hot, nasty sex with no feelings attached.

Will I risk everything for a man who used to be my sworn enemy? My brain says it’s a stupid move. But my heart says otherwise.

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