Devious Promises by H.J. Marshall (ePUB)

devious promises, hj marshall

Devious Promises (Shattered Vows #1) by H.J. Marshall – Free eBooks Download


Destined to claim the throne in a world I didn’t belong to, my father forced me to take the reins and become someone I never wanted to be. When faced with the moral dilemma of destroying someone I’d grown to love, I chose cruelty to save them. My actions sent me down a path of reprehensible violence, causing a part of me to change in order to survive.
She has every right to hate me for what I did to save her, but this time, I’ll annihilate anyone who stands in my way. Happiness is for fairytales, and in this story, I’m the bad guy who refuses to let her go. Even if it means becoming the monster she feared.
Now, the demons from my past are dead, and I’ve been given a second chance at happiness, if she’ll let me prove to her that I’ve changed. But just as I regain her trust, an unknown threat resurfaces, threatening to pull us both into hell. I’ll fight for our forever, but sometimes, you have to embrace the darkness in order to see the light.

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