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Devil May Care (The Reckless Damned #2) by Lark Taylor – Free eBooks Download


One life-altering kiss sets our whole world on fire.

I’ll tell you what isn’t on my agenda for this century: finding my fated mate only to have him reject me.
In fact, having a mate and tying myself down for eternity isn’t even a blip on my radar. But the moment I meet Bailey, there’s no denying he’s meant to be mine. Everything about the gentle Welsh giant calls to me, consuming my thoughts.
The problem? He doesn’t feel the same way. One life-altering kiss has him running in the other direction, leaving me to watch over him from the shadows.
When the opportunity arises to build a friendship, I grab it with both hands. Surely being his friend is better than nothing, right?
It will have to be, especially with a clan of mages sniffing around and looking for trouble. Not unusual since I am an estranged son of Lucifer. But now that I have my mate to consider, things are a lot more serious. How can I truly protect Bailey when he doesn’t even know I’m a demon?

I learned a long time ago that relationships aren’t for me. Nobody wants to commit to a bigger guy, especially one who craves a different role in the bedroom.
When Harlow sashays into my life, I can’t help but wish things could be different. Sure, he seems interested, but history has proven that eventually, everyone leaves me.
There’s no way a vibrant firecracker like Harlow wants to be anything more than friends.
But the closer we get, the harder it is to keep him at arm’s length. He tells me he wants a relationship, but how can I believe him when I know he’s hiding something from me?

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