Defiant Knight by Brooklyn Cross (ePUB)

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Defiant Knight (The Kings of Wayward Academy #2) by Brooklyn Cross – Free eBooks Download


The fall of a knight starts with a crack in his armor.

The pieces are perfectly set, and play has just begun, but my pawn has already fallen. Of all the guys, my money was not on Myles to choose Princess over me. Ren Davies has proven to be a worthier opponent than I gave her credit for and refuses to bow at my feet. Her past is a confounding maze of deadends that leave me with many questions and no answers. But one thing is clear…she is a threat. As my knight betrays me and begins to pull away, I need to regroup and formulate a new plan of attack. Whatever power it is that she holds is seeping deeper, forcing me to change my tactics, but I fear that it is already too late.

The question becomes, who will fall next?

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