Daring the Hockey Player by Willow Fox (ePUB)

daring hockey player, willow fox

Daring the Hockey Player (Ice Dragons Hockey #2) by Willow Fox, Allison West – Free eBooks Download


I didn’t plan on dating a hockey player. It just kind of happened.

At least that’s what I’m telling everyone. Except maybe I did plan it. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence at all…
Jasper Greyson is hot, flirty, and the epitome of trouble.
But he’s off-limits. He’s my sister’s brother-in-law, or at least he’s about to be, which kind of makes us family.
I should be staying as far from him as possible, except I like hanging out with him, watching him on the ice, and grabbing drinks with him and the guys.
Yes, I intentionally showed up when I knew he’d be at the bar because he posted it on social media. I’ve been stalking him.
I keep telling myself it’s a harmless crush. Feelings don’t have to be acted on.
We’re friends. I’m not sure he’ll ever see me as anything else. That’s problem number one. I’ve been friend-zoned.
Problem number two. My apartment complex caught fire, and I don’t have insurance. I have nowhere else to go.
And when Jasper finds out, he insists that I stay at his place, in his guest room. Stalking my crush online is one thing. Living with him is entirely something else.

This steamy rom-com hockey romance contains no cheating and no cliffhanger. It features characters from Faking it with the Billionaire but can be read as a standalone. HEA.

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