Dancing with the Doctor by Kit Morgan (ePUB)

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Dancing with the Doctor (Love in Apple Blossom #8) by Kit Morgan – Free eBooks Download


A mute young woman
A doctor who isn’t what he seems
And a dance…

Willow Evans, rescued by some of the residents of Apple Blossom, is grateful to be alive. Still, she’d didn’t come out of years of mistreatment by her grandfather unscathed. She couldn’t talk, but that came about after seeing her mother murdered. Even she doubted she’d ever speak again. Then the doctor came to town…

Reuben Newell needed a break from spying for the president. So, when he did, he went back to doctoring. Now here he was, hiding out in Apple Blossom letting his enemies think they’d succeeded in killing him off. But when Reuben is told one enemy knows he’s alive and wants to see him dead, he has to figure out a way to protect the tiny town. When he does come up with a plan, he’s going to need some help, and there’s only one person in town that can do it. Can he trust a mute young woman to help him keep the town safe? More importantly, can he keep from losing his heart?

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