Daddy Demands At Little Rapids by Zack Wish (ePUB)

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Daddy Demands At Little Rapids (Gruff Guardian Daddies #3) by Zack Wish – Free eBooks Download


A hometown boy graduates from college, ready to make his way in the world. But campus life has made Riley cocky – what he needs is a Little Rapids Daddy to put him back on the right track…
Riley is twenty-two and thinks he knows it all. In fact, it’s this cockiness that sees him make too many of the wrong kind of enemy in the city. Riley arrives back in Little Rapids full of attitude and blaming his problems on everyone but himself.
What Riles needs is a Daddy to set him right and show him that respect is earned and not given. Riley thinks that he’s a match for any Daddy – but he hasn’t met Gerard Drake yet.
Gerard is just about the biggest, gruffest Daddy Dom in the whole of Little Rapids. Even with a body as powerful as the strongest ox and the handsome face of an action movie idol, Gerard’s reputation proceeds him – even the bravest boys in town are too scared to date him.
With a background in sea and mountain rescue, Gerard has seen enough danger to last a lifetime. But he might just be willing to risk it all for this boy…
Riley and Gerard may be total opposites, but there’s no denying their chemistry together. One spark is all it takes and all bets are off.
Gerard will demand everything from Riley – and Riley will do his best not to submit to the town’s ultimate Daddy. But when real danger rears its head, both Gerard and Riley will have to team up and work together to ensure that they make it out in one piece…

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