Craving the Grumpy Alien Captive by Shona Mira (ePUB)

craving grumpy alien, shona mira

Craving the Grumpy Alien Captive (The Soul Bond Connection #4) by Shona Mira – Free eBooks Download


Waking up in an alien facility with no memories, the only familiar face is a gruff, blue alien also trapped with me.
As I explore the facility, I’m drawn to a familiar yet mysterious blue-skinned alien. He’s fiercely protective but distant, solely focused on escaping. Our attraction ignites, but the uncertainty of his feelings towards me lingers, leaving me torn between my desires and the unknown.
Our curiosity piques when we stumble upon an ancient artifact that could hold the key to overthrowing our oppressors. The urgency to escape intensifies, knowing we must deliver it to our allies in the resistance. But we face a chilling realization – something in this place is working against us, determined to keep us trapped.
Time is running out, and we clash over our next move. We must recover our memories and accept our feelings for each other to survive and complete our mission. But he’s hiding something that may jeopardize everything.
With the fate of the resistance at stake, we face an impossible choice: accept the bond between us, or make the ultimate sacrifice: our lives for the greater good.

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