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Revealed By Hordas (Olodian Alien Warrior #6) by Mychal Daniels – Free eBooks Download


Juniper Juno Evers has a knack for finding anything. This knack kept her alive as a pawn of the NOATL crime family back on Earth.
Now, in a new world with all the hopes and dreams she never had before, Juno is presented with the chance of a lifetime. Except, the captain of her new mission can’t stand her. Can she work with this beautiful grouch and keep her mounting crush on him a secret?

* * *

Captain Hordas is a young, successful, decorated warrior of the prestigious Olodian Royal Guardians. Only problem? He’s got secrets—lots of them. The last thing he wants is to fall prey to any mating pull. That is why he has avoided all Earthian female clusters.
When his request to return to active duty is approved, Hordas quickly learns that his new assignment won’t be as easy as he had hoped. Can he work with that one Earthian female on his new assignment who both irks and intrigues him to complete this mission without incident?
Goddess help him.

Note: this is a Science Fantasy adventure with lots of adventure. The story can be read as a stand alone but does make reference to events and people from the previous five books.

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