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Convincing Florence by Celine L.A. Simpson – Free eBooks Download


Florence wasn’t a people person.

Flossy learnt right from the get-go that to expect anything from anyone (apart from her grandmother) would only ever lead to disappointment. That all the minutes and seconds of her life constantly intersected with the hard and tough minutes of everyone else’s, right from the moment she entered this world and let loose a wail of arrival.
It was the friends who couldn’t be bothered to return the friendship, the dates that were only ever interested in one thing, and the general strangers who were never interested in returning her smile.
Florence loved two things. Her job at the library and her grandmother, Dot.
Apart from them?
People sucked.
Nathaniel Connors loved a challenge.
Tall, dark, and handsome; Nathaniel Connors sailed through life on a dimpled smile and buckets of charm. But when Florence finds him in the library, breaking more than one rule, she might have been the first person who didn’t give him the time of day.
If there’s one thing that Nathaniel needed to do now, it was to convince Florence that he was worth her time, and that there were people who were worth her while.
She was sure he’d fail.
He knew he wouldn’t.
Challenge Accepted.

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