The Devil In Denim by Melanie Scott (ePUB)

devil in denim, melanie scott

The Devil In Denim (New York Saints #1) by Melanie Scott – Free eBooks Download


He’s not just a curveball, he’s her worst nightmare.

Maggie Jameson grew up living and breathing baseball. After all, her dad owns the New York Saints and raised her to think she’d take his place running them one day. The Saints aren’t just a team, they’re her family. Until her dad sells out to Alex Winters and his two best friends. And just like that, a gorgeous billionaire who has no business setting foot on her ballpark is calling the shots, and she’s standing on the sidelines. She’s calling foul and declaring him her enemy.
He loves the game, but he can’t win without her
Alex is known for always closing the deal but he knows saving the Saints won’t be easy. Especially when he realizes that he needs Maggie on side if he’s going to win over the players and get the job done. Maggie is smart and beautiful, knows the Saints inside out, and he can’t quite get her out of his head. Pity she’s made it clear she’d rather strike him out than ever cooperate with him. And he’d be crazy to try to steal the heart of a woman who hates him, right? Or is sinning with Saint Maggie the key to winning the whole game?
The Devil in Denim is the first book in the New York Saints series, a steamy sports romance series. This series has billionaires, baseball, strong heroines, team drama, the occasional cute pet, and sexy times. Enjoy!

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