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Come Undone by Gabi Moore – Free eBooks Download


Hold me. Thrill me. Ravish me…

WARNING: This book contains dark and disturbing themes, strong language and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers!

Kat Lilith is confident, successful, and supremely organized. As a single mother and the head of one the world’s largest women’s empowerment NGOs, she’s the picture of poise and control.
Newly divorced, she’s soon proposed to by a man who ticks all the same boxes she does. He’s everything she knows she should want in a man… so why does she find herself yearning for the first time in her life for something a little …different?

Mark Cane is Different, with a capital D. Not only does he not tick any of her boxes, he blusters into Kat’s life and tears up her whole list. When she discovers that he runs a successful business, constructing intricate BDSM furniture for his devoted clients, she can no longer contain her curiosity.
Soon, Kat learns that although it’s fun to have control, it’s way more fun to lose it.
Mark is a little wild, a little dangerous …and very good at unraveling her world. But maybe that’s just exactly what she needs…

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