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hex, mary kennedy

Hex (REAPER-Patriots #37) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Hex Vernon resigned himself to the life of a bachelor. A retired Marine, he vowed to never take up arms again unless circumstances required it. Circumstances require it. The first woman he’s had any interest in, since his divorce, is in danger and he won’t just sit by and watch. With the help of his brothers, he’ll travel to Dallas to rescue Gwen and find a killer. More than anything, he wants his woman back at Belle Fleur in his arms, so they can begin their life together.
Appropriately named, Hex Vernon has cast a spell on Gwen N’hana. The hottest designer in the country, her gowns are on every fashionista’s list of must-haves. When someone is murdered in her studio, Gwen calls the only man she knows can help her, Hex. Someone is using her as a pawn in their sick game and she wants nothing to do with it. Finding a new life with Hex is easy, but she never thought she’d find herself again at Belle Fleur.

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