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Coach Stare Down (For Puck’s Sake #6) by Crea Reitan – Free eBooks Download


All it takes is just one look.

After a series of relationships where I’ve been made to feel inadequate because of my asexuality, I’ve made the sole focus of my life my coaching career. I love hockey – the chill of the ice, the fast paced, high stress game. I love the fans and the atmosphere. The energy. Now that I’m coaching in the NHL, I feel a sense of serenity and comfort with life. All that’s left is to get my team to The Stanley Cup.
A series of unfortunate injuries has riddled the Bobcats into a serious funk. The frustration that my boys feel echoes through me and after one of the most horrible plays I’ve ever witnessed, I turn my back on the ice – only to catch his eyes. Suddenly, I know what I’ve been missing. In a sea of over 15,000 faces, I found the one I’ve been waiting my entire life for.
There’s sadness in his eyes that’s only overcome with the fear behind it. Nothing will stop me from making Oren mine and giving him the life and love he deserves. Nothing.

My life is shit. I’m the pariah of my family for hell knows why. All I want is to get away. But I tried once – at nineteen, I ran and my father with his buddies on the police force dragged me home. I’ve since been dragged down into submission.
But then I meet his eyes and everything inside me just… shifts. Adak takes a chance on me and I think that perhaps my father has finally met a wall he can’t barrel through to keep control. That is, until he starts blasting his hate everywhere.
I wouldn’t blame Adak if he chooses to leave. This is his career on the line. His image and reputation. Am I worth it?

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