A Beginner’s Guide to Demonic Possessions by Shannon Mae (ePUB)

beginner's guide, shannon mae

A Beginner’s Guide to Demonic Possessions (Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures #6) by Shannon Mae – Free eBooks Download


The dreaded Valentine’s Day is coming next week, and Trent can’t stomach the thought of another holiday alone. Hiding in the restaurant bathroom from his terrible date, he wishes for a way to skip V-Day all together. Alien abduction? Demonic possession? Coma? Anything else sounds good right about now. When he looks in the bathroom mirror, Trent suddenly realizes he isn’t in charge anymore. Demonic possession it is then.
Paz certainly didn’t expect such a welcome (apparently most hosts spend all their time screaming internally), and he also has quite a bit to say about Trent’s life (who lives in an apartment for six years and doesn’t decorate it?). Trent had no idea his demonic possession was going to look more like a home improvement show than a spring break gone wild special, but Paz manages to break Trent out of his comfort zone and show him what he’s been missing in life (and it isn’t just random hook ups).

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Demonic Possessions – Shannon Mae ePUB



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