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Lizzy Bennet is a hot mess. She’s about to marry a man she doesn’t love, and she’s sporting a case of cold feet so severe her toes are surely blue. Between her mother’s arrangements, her ridiculous gown, and her stick-in-the-mud fiancé’s compulsive personality traits, she simply can’t go through with the disaster awaiting her. With the help of her best friend, she can stay at Will Darcy’s for the holidays, but to say Will’s good looking is an understatement! She just ran out on her wedding, the last thing she needs is man, but how is she supposed to resist the dark-haired hottie in Clark Kent glasses? Not to mention watching him interact with his daughter only adds fuel to the fire. Oh, holy heck! She’s about to endure the longest Christmas ever!

Will Darcy leads a quiet life with his daughter and housekeeper. He doesn’t need a wife or a girlfriend disturbing his peace and upending little Georgie’s holidays, so when his cousin brings Lizzy Bennet to Will’s house to hide from her crazy family, he balks. He will not suffer through another one of his cousin’s maniacal matchmaking plots! But Lizzy is… Could his cousin have finally gotten something right? No, that can’t be. Something has to be wrong with her, doesn’t it? But for the life of him, Will can’t find a single objection—and he’s tried! What’s he supposed to do if she’s living in his house for the holidays, eating at his kitchen table, and lounging on his sofa? She’s either going to make him lose his mind or his heart. But which is worse?

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