Case Study: Interspecies Breeding by Talia Rhea (ePUB)

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Case Study: Interspecies Breeding (Lunar Base Experiments #2) by Talia Rhea – Free eBooks Download


Data File: Lunar Base Experiments
Case Study: 2
Intro: For your consideration, we the research team of the Lunar Base present our findings for the mating of the vir Zeffir’Dal’Carvon and the human Rae Peterson.
Data Summary:
-Subject One: “I was told to pick a mate amongst the humans. I was bribed to do it, for the good of my people. Disease is devastating our population, and we need humans to recover. When she chose me first, I considered it the best possible outcome. She doesn’t know about the orders I was given. She doesn’t know my ulterior motives. And I’m afraid it’s going to break us for good.”
-Subject Two: “I’m sorry. I had to do it. I had no choice! They have my daughter. They said if I didn’t frame one of the alien males for assaulting me, they’d hurt her. He didn’t know when I chose him that I was lying. He didn’t know that I was using him. But we’re mated for good now, and I don’t think we can recover from my lies.”

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  • Case Study: Interspecies Breeding – Talia Rhea ePUB



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