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True Love (The Hitched Live #6) by G.K. DeRosa – Free eBooks Download


Hold onto your supernatural hats because this is it – the thrilling beginning of the end!

Family visits? Check.
The dreaded finale on the horizon? Double-check.
And to top it off, with Dawn missing, my mind’s a mess. I can’t shake her from my thoughts, and I’ve got looming eliminations breathing down my neck.
Now I’m stuck at a crossroads – do I cling to the ghost of what we had, or do I dive into something new in the final weeks?
Just when I think things can’t get crazier, I tumble into the arms of an old love, throwing my heart into a wild tailspin.
And when the producers toss in a final twist, I’m left wrestling with an impossible decision that could either make or break my shot at a happily ever after.


Whoever said finding love was the easy part clearly never signed up for this dating rollercoaster. Now that I’ve snagged the one – the female I want by my side till the end of eternity – it’s not all moonlight and roses. Nope, sirens are still wailing, and some shadowy figure has it out for me, putting the stakes higher than a she-dragon’s flight.
I used to think true love was impossible, but now that I’ve tasted it, I’ll set all of Azar ablaze if that’s what it takes to secure our happily-ever-after.
So, buckle up, paranormal romance fans – because this showdown isn’t just about finding love; it’s about surviving the supernatural storm and burning down anything that stands between us and our epic ending.

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