Carved From Obsidian by Addie Grey (ePUB)

carved from obsidian, addie grey

Carved From Obsidian (The Founders Duology #1) by Addie Grey – Free eBooks Download


Wayward witch. Billionaire vampire. Dark secrets and steamy romance. This is Carved From Obsidian.

Soph’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is rescued from imminent death by a mysterious vampire. Fuelled with a need to find this day-walking supernatural, She embarks on a relentless quest to locate her saviour.
Soph soon discovers that her elusive vampire is none other than Eli Damiani, billionaire and business titan. Though she only wanted to thank him, Eli quickly becomes intertwined with Soph’s life in unexpected ways. Their chance encounters explode into a web of inexplicable connections, drawing them closer in more ways than one.
Though her obsession with her vampire grows, she knows nothing can become of their secret romance. Her grandmother, a powerful witch and the family matriarch, has another man in mind for her granddaughter and always desperate for Nona’s approval, Soph finds it difficult to say no.
And while her heart is being pulled in more ways than one, dark and insidious secrets are unravelling in the supernatural world. Soph discovers the hard way that both she, her family and Eli Daniani are all ensnared and cannot escape.

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