Magical Midlife Awakening by K.F. Breene (ePUB)

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Magical Midlife Awakening (Leveling Up #10) by K.F. Breene – Free eBooks Download


With Kingsley safe and Momar subdued for the moment, it’s time for healing. Jessie and the gang take a much needed break.
Or, at least, the gang does.
The holidays are upon them and the ex has invited Jessie to meet his new fiancée. It’s off to L.A. where Jessie will face her past and the wounds she didn’t realize still lingered.
Niamh, too, meets a blast from her past. This one, though, is ten times more dangerous. Re-connecting is a risk not even Tristan is sure they should take.
All the while, Nessa and Sebastian are not far away, ready to unleash a surprise the crew could never expect.

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  • Magical Midlife Awakening – K.F. Breene ePUB



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