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captured solace, raya morris edwards

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Captured Solace is an age gap, arranged marriage mafia standalone romance set in the same world as Captured Light and Captured Darkness. All books can be read separately or together. They are not part of a series.

This book contains content and themes not suitable for those under the age of 18. Please see inside book for full content warning.

After the death of her parents, Sienna has grown up under the thumb of her cousin Lucien, the Italian mafia boss. In return for a college education, she must marry a man of his choosing and become a pawn in his alliance with the Russian-American mafia.
Now her deal with Lucien has come due.
Sienna finds herself surprised by her new husband, Viktor. He’s quick-witted, surprisingly gentle, and undeniably attractive.
But beneath it all, is he the same brutal, ruthless killer as every other made man she’s ever known?
Or is he willing to sacrifice everything for her and set her free?

Born into a restrictive mafia world, Viktor has risen to hold his place as a mafia godfather. But deep inside, he wants nothing more than to be free of the world he was born into.
Except, there’s no way out without destroying his family’s legacy and destabilizing the organization.
But when he marries beautiful Sienna Esposito to form an alliance with the Italian outfit, he finds himself rethinking everything.
When it comes down to it, can he make the choice between a future with his wife or abiding by centuries of restrictive tradition?

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