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Careful. He bites.
“I’d ask you to go make me a sandwich, but you already have,” that’s what Roan Wolfe, my worst customer ever, says to me before he saunters out of my deli without leaving a tip.
Yep. He’s a billionaire who doesn’t tip.
Okay, so technically he leaves me a business card with a job offer scrawled on the back. As if I’d ever work for him.
But then I see him with his son. The frustratingly and impossibly attractive jerkhole, the one whose bite is even worse than his bark, is somehow an absolutely kickass father. He still manages to be a colossal jerk to me even with his kid around, but I can see the softer side of him, deep beneath that prickly outer shell.
I decide to work for him, but Roan Wolfe is in for a surprise, because I’m not just going to work for him. I’m going to work on him. I’m going to tame the CEO of Wolfe Welding, and if I can’t break his iron fist, I’ll at least put a cute little mitten over it so he doesn’t hit his employees so hard.
God, who am I kidding? He’s as rough as his stubble. He’s as unsalvageable as the Titanic. He’ll break me before I break him.
He calls me “Sandwich Girl” in front of the whole office. He snarls and growls at me. He makes me work on a construction site while he welds a big, stupid steel beam. He welds shirtless, and his broad, massive shoulders glisten with sweat. His six-pack abs are stained with grease and grime. He raises his welding mask and smirks at me when he catches me looking where I shouldn’t be looking.
Okay, fine, I admit it! I might just have an ulterior motive for taming the big bad Wolfe. I don’t just want to fix him for everyone else. Maybe I want to tame Roan Wolfe all for myself?
Even if he growls at me. And especially if he bites me.

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