Caller of Crows by Silvana Falcon (ePUB)

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Caller of Crows (Rubyville Vampires #1) by Silvana Falcon – Free eBooks Download


He was prepared to gamble his blood, not his entire heart.

Vampires have always made Sven’s heart beat harder, but when his mother’s life is on the line, he decides to face his fears. He decides to become immortal so that he can pass that gift on to her.
Determined, he seeks out the Caller of Crows, a charismatic vampire by the name of Altair, and with his pulse pounding in his ears, he offers himself to the vampire and asks to be turned.
The problem is, Sven lives in a city that is ruled by the paranormal, and pure mortal blood has become exceedingly rare. It’s a treat that every vampire covets–and Altair is no exception. He doesn’t want to turn Sven and let his sweet, sweet blood go to waste. Instead, he locks Sven in his bedroom as a valuable prisoner, as his property.

In his desperation, Sven realizes what he must do to get what he wants from the vampire: he needs to make Altair fall for him, to make the handsome devil see him as something more than a hot meal. He needs to melt the ice around Altair’s heart and make him want eternity with Sven… and he needs to do it without falling for the ruthless vampire in return.

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