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Burning Love (Cinnamon Roll Saviors) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


Growing up and living in Sweetwater Valley is both a blessing and curse. Everyone is in your business, but there’s a community here that I’ve been part of my entire life. I have a few good friends and I know what to expect. The kids I teach keep me on my toes and that’s enough for me.
Knowing everyone around isn’t great for my love life, but I really can’t complain. I’m content with what I have until a small kitchen fire has the new firefighter in town coming to my rescue. While Wesley puts out the fire, he’s stoking flames in me I didn’t know existed.
Wesley is determined to make sure I know how he feels and never doubt him or his intentions. He’s not just my savior or hero, he’s the perfect man for me.

Being the new guy in town is always a little daunting, but moving to a small town where everyone seems to already know each other makes it even worse. I’m lucky that there’s a brotherhood I’m accepted into the moment I slip on my gear at the firehouse. It makes me think that Sweetwater Valley is exactly the place I’ve been looking for.
When I respond to a call with my crew and meet Hailey, I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be. She’s the woman I’ve been looking for. It’s no surprise I couldn’t find her in the city.

Hailey is all sweet smiles and cozy moments and I’m going to show her that fate brought us together. She calls me a hero, her savior, but she’s the one who saved me by giving me a home.

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