Bully Alpha Wolf by Ruby Knoxx (ePUB)

bully alpha wolf, ruby knoxx

Bully Alpha Wolf (Silver Wolves Black Ops #1) by Ruby Knoxx – Free eBooks Download


He bullied me horribly and gave me a forbidden, secret baby girl.
Now he’s back, in our small town, and my pack forces me to negotiate with him.
I’m an outcast, used to insults, and I have no choice but to follow orders.
I want to forget how he rejected and tormented me. But I’m not allowed.

My pack needs his protection. He’s the alpha of the black ops after all.
I have to put my pack above my feelings. So why can’t I?
I should be ashamed of myself, of the way he still makes me tingle.
I should stay away from his mansion, but all it does is make me want my baby’s daddy more.

They say that whatever you deny yourself becomes your new prison. I can only confirm.
I’m a prisoner of the way he hurt me with his ice cold tongue.
I’m a prisoner of the way he heals me with his cruel raw touch.
Do I want him to stop using me for his own purposes?

Or do I want the alpha to expose my everything?

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