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brutalize me, michelle heard

Brutalize Me (Corrupted Royals #3) by Michelle Heard – Free eBooks Download


Home. It’s the one thing I want more than anything. A husband I can love. Children I can give the world to. A house I can call my own. To many, it’s a stupid wish, but to me, it’s everything.
When my adoptive father demands that I marry one of his business partners, Karlin Makarova, my dream becomes nothing more than that – a dream. Karlin is a vile monster, a nightmare for any woman he crosses paths with.
I dread the time I have to spend alone with Karlin and hide the bruises that fill me with deep shame.
But then my beloved brother steps in and arranges a marriage with one of his best friends.
Armani De Santis is known to be coolheaded, aloof, and calculative. Sure, he’s heartbreakingly attractive – emphasis on heartbreakingly – but it’s clear he sees me as his friend’s little sister that’s become his problem.
Then again, I’d rather have my heart broken by Armani De Santis than be Karlin Makarova’s punching bag.
And so, my dream of a happily ever after turns into a cold-blooded war between the two men, and I find myself praying that somehow I’ll survive.
But life has taught me prayers are never answered.

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