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brock, laura scott

Brock (Oath of Honor #2) by Laura Scott – Free eBooks Download


Oath of Honor – A promise to protect and serve.

Marriage under fire!

Tactical police officer Brock Greer can’t bring himself to divorce his wife despite how she’d left him five months ago for another man. But when he stumbles into the kitchen at their once favorite restaurant, he’s shocked to find Liana speaking in rapid fire Chinese to a tall Asian. And even more horrified when that same man pulls a gun, pointing it at Liana’s head.
Liana Wong has no idea why Brock had shown up at the restaurant in his police uniform, but worse he’d blown her cover. When she’s tracked to several locations, it’s clear that the leader of the sex trafficking ring wants her dead. And the only way to survive is to team up with Brock, despite his deep mistrust. Is it possible that working together to destroy a common enemy will save their marriage?

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