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Brat vs Bodyguard by Parker Elliot – Free eBooks Download


I’m supposed to protect him, not send him to his kneesWhen I’m assigned as billionaire heir, William Moore’s bodyguard, I know I’m in for trouble. He’s a pain in my a** from the moment I arrive at his family’s mansion.Unfortunately for me, I need the gig after my career was almost ruined by my last client. William knows just how to press my buttons but if he thinks he can annoy me into quitting, he’s got another thing coming. If anyone knows how to handle mind games, it’s me. After my time in service and dealing with my fair share of trouble clients, I’m equipped to handle anything.When I one-up William by pretending to be his lover at his social event of the year, I know I’ve won. Except with William, it might be that I’ve finally met my match. I’m not so smug after he kisses me. There’s no going back.

Bodyguard or babysitter? I’ll show him just what and who he’s got to deal withSo I might have been almost-kidnapped, but is having a bodyguard breathing down my neck 24/7 really the only solution?I’m trying to have some independence but everywhere I go, Jake’s there. My parents insist it’s for my own good but it seems like just another way to stifle me.At least I know how to press the guy’s buttons. He won’t last more than a week after the attitude I give him. Except the harder I press Jake’s buttons, the harder he fights back. It’s game on. Until he takes it a step too far. If Jake wants to play dirty, he can be my guest. I always get what I want and what I want might just be my hot new bodyguard.

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